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July 28th 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot The July Challenge ends now! The official results will be available on Tuesday, July 31st, please be patient!
The next tournament will be the August 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (August 4th-25th 2007)

July 31st 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot
For the second month, Spike confirms itself as the best team fighter, beating again the great Tango with 61.0% against 58.7%. It also improved its performances in single mode achieving a surprising second place with almost the same percantage of StrangeMatter. Spike's final result is 2-7-1, so it seems that there is room for improvements in double mode.
The survivors among the veterans are: GulleFjun, Mouth, Bohan, HellFire, DOOM, Stately, Headhunter, TTL, IonStorm, StrangeMatter, Starkle, Tango, Spike. Also TTL, with its 6-4-9, is confirmed as a veteran, but it has more room for improvements.
The demoted jrobots are: Shark, Vampire, AronsRobot01, MarukoV4, Ladybug, Errata, FlameBall, KillerBees, Earthworm. KillerBees is going to perform its periodic appearance among the cadets.
The cadets does not show interesting events, because no new jrobot was uploaded.
The promoted cadets are: Berserk, 845bytes, Jimbo, DarkSoldier, Janeway, Bosozoku, Hal9000, Teddybear, RoboOlm.
The survivors: Phalanx, Stinger, BenuineA, Genuine, Touche, Battlemage, Ender, DirtyCoward, AronsRobot02, Ciaky, Yoda, RauaRoobert, DeadDuck, Snutteplutt, ELECTRON, Dragon, Shrike, CounterStrike, DeathIncarnate, Bizarro.
No one was removed for very poor results.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the August 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (August 4th-25th 2007) aka Let's Spike Forever!

July 7th 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot The July Challenge starts NOW!.
Upload your jrobots to win the July 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (July 7th-28th 2007) aka Let's Spike Again!
Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.

July 2nd 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot

The last month we could follow a great challenge. Finally, the veterans' league played a large number of matches, in fact they are 7590. If we sum the 4088 matches played by the cadets, we got a total amount of 11678 matches! Thanks to the high number of fights, we can fully trust the... surprising results!
A brand new strong jrobot has finally appeared on the scene, Spike. It achieved a great 5-5-1. The first place in team category is particularly remarkable, because Tango or, sometimes, StrangeMatter usually shared the first and second place in all the categories. Even more remarkable is Spike's percentage in team category: a 70% against Tango's 60%. We can say that a new star is born! Let's see if Spike's valor is going to improve also in single and double categories.
The survivors among the veterans are: GulleFjun, Mouth, Bohan, Earthworm, KillerBees, HellFire, DOOM, Stately, Headhunter, Spike, IonStorm, StrangeMatter, Starkle, Tango.
The demoted jrobots are: AronsRobot02, Snutteplutt, Jimbo, Berserk, DarkSoldier, Dragon, 845bytes, Yoda, Janeway, Hal9000, Teddybear, Bosozoku, ELECTRON, RoboOlm.
The cadets does not show the same interesting events. There is only the great triple victory of TTL (90%-91%-76%), but it's not a surprising result because TTL was already a strong jrobot. It was removed two challenegs ago only because of a side effect in its code bad for simulations. Now that its author has uploaded a new version, TTL is going to fight again against the strongest veterans.
The promoted cadets are: AronsRobot01, Shark, Vampire, MarukoV4, LadyBug, Errata, FlameBall, TTL.
The survivors: Genuine, GenuineA, Stinger, Phalanx, BattleMage, Touche, Ender, Ciaky, DirtyCoward, RauaRoobert, DeathIncarnate, DeadDuck, Shrike, CounterStrike, Bizarro.
Only NeoBot and Sim were removed from the arena for their bad results.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the July 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (July 7th-28th 2007) aka Let's Spike Again!

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