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May 31st 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot

During the May challenge, the number of played matches was good enough in both the leagues.
Three main events happened.
The first is a good news: A new strong jrobot appeared among the cadets. Its name is Spike and achieved a triple victory with a very good 82%-82%-87%. We'll see if its valor is going to be confirmed among in the Veterans' League.
The other news may be good or bad according to the point of view: Tango failed its usual triple victory, in fact it won only in Double category, while StrangeMatter got both Single and Team victories. Sometimes it happens and testifies that, in some situations, StrangeMatter and Tango are very close, but usually Tango prevails.
The final news is a bad one, at least for me: Platoon failed to survive. Platoon was the oldest of my jrobots, the one that you know because included in the samples, so I'm not so happy to see it removed. Anyway the time has gone for these linear jrobots that run in a straight line at constant speed.
The results of the Veterans' League are:
Survivors: GulleFjun, RoboOlm, KillerBees (for their results in Team), Hellfire, Bohan (for their results in Double), Earthworm (for its result in Single), Mouth (for its result in Double and Team), Headhunter (for its result in Single and Double), Stately (for its result in Single and Team), Doom, TTL (for their results in Single, Double and Team), IonStorm (4-3-3), Starkle (3-4-3), Tango (2-1-2), StrangeMatter (1-2-1).
Demoted jrobots: Vampire, Kraft, Ladybug, Errata, DirtyCoward, FlameBall.
The results of the Cadets' League are:
Promoted jrobots: 845bytes, AronsRobot02, DarkSoldier, Berserk, Jimbo, Snutteplutt, Yoda, Bosozoku, Dragon, ELECTRON, Janeway, Hal9000 (5-6-11), Teddybear (3-2-2), Spike (82%-82%-87%).
Survivors: NeoBot, Genuine, GenuineA, Phalanx, Ender, Battlemage, Touche, Stinger, AronsRobot01, Shark, MarukoV4, Ciaky, RauaRoobert, DeathIncarnate, DeadDuck, CounterStrike, Shrike, Bizarro.
Removed jrobots: Platoon.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the June 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (June 2nd-30th 2007) aka Let's Spike Tango's Gun! alias A Farewell to Platoon!

May 26rd 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot The May Challenge ends now! The official results will be available on Wednesday, May 30th, please be patient!
The next tournament will be the June 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (June 2nd-30th 2007) aka Let's Spike Tango's Gun!

May 5th 2007

APOCALYX Screenshot The May Challenge starts NOW!.
Upload your jrobots to win the May 2007 JROBOTS Challenge (May 5th-26th 2007) aka TTL is Back!
Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.

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