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February 26th 2006

APOCALYX Screenshot

Cadets attack the veterans month by month and sometimes happens that some of them succeed in their effort. In fact a few of recently promoted cadets achieved the requested percentages to survive at least in one category. The final result is that the survivors in the veterans' league are 21, while only 16 were demoted.
At the same time, among the cadets there is a great struggle for promotion and 18 were effectively promoted, 11 survived and 3 were removed.
This means that the March tournament will see 39 jrobots fighting in the veterans' league and only 27, at least at the beginning, in the cadets' league.

The results of the veterans' league are the following.
As usual, Tango got a triple victory! Then comes Starkle, IonStorm, Stately, DOOM, Hellfire, Headhunter, Bohan, StrangeMatter, Mouth, KillerBees, RoboOlm, GulleFjun, FlameBall. Other survivors are: CounterStrike, Shrike, Janeway, DarkSoldier (thanks to their result in single category) and Bosozoku, Kraft, Ladybug (for their result in double). The latter jrobots survived for a few percentage points over the limit, so their authors have to improve them at least a little to avoid a demotion in March.
The demoted jrobots are: Genuine, Sprate, Platoon, Ajax, GenuineA, Ender, Jwpazz2, Shark, AronsRobot01, DirtyCoward, MarukoV4, Vampire, Jimbo, Snutteplutt, DeadDuck, Dragon.

On the cadets' side, there are a lot of jrobots with interesting results in single category. They'd better to implement some algorithm to recongnize their friends, in fact the results in single are not replicated in other categories. In particular, there are some jrobots with good results in double and team categories but not in singles: This means that the jrobots tailored for singles are really good, then a better behavior in other categories is going to improve their results a lot.
The promoted are: Leech (only for team), 845bytes, Touche, ELECTRON, RauaRoobert (near 50%), Yoda, FoxSierra (for single), NeoBot, DarkDestroyer (only for single), NumeroOtto (only for single), Stinger, Phalanx, MaudDib (only for single), Ciaky, Berserk, Bizarro (only for single) and Teddybear (the latter with the usual very high percentages in all the categories, at least among the cadets). Finally, Battlemage had a low number of matches played, but it was promoted because it was very near to the limit. Let's give it the possibility to gain a month and fight immediately the strongest jrobots to show its value.
The survivors are: Satellite, T900, sprayer, Shank, DirkGently, DarkDestroyerV04, Jwpazz, Worm, GiovyVbis, AlessioV3 and Gladiator (the last one had very few matches played).
Finally, the removed jrobots are: Sniper, Counter, Carnage (the last because of its poor percentages, the others because they are copies of the sample jrobots in the SDK).

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the March 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (March 4th-25th 2006) aka Cadets Attack Again!

February 25th 2006

APOCALYX Screenshot The February Challenge ends now. The official results will be available within a few days, please be patient!

The next tournament is the March 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (March 4th-25th 2006) aka Cadets Attack Again!

February 4th 2006

APOCALYX Screenshot

  • The February Challenge starts NOW!.
    Upload your jrobots to win the February 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (February 4th-25th 2006) aka Cadets Attack!
    Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.
  • For more information
    send an email to
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