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December 31st 2005

APOCALYX Screenshot

  • The January Challenge starts NOW!.
    Upload your jrobots to win the January 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (December 31st 2005 -January 28th 2006) aka JROBOTS 2K6!
    Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.

    Happy New Year To All The Players!

  • Every year the image at the top of the pages changes. This time I decided to appear personally and... yes, I'm that guy in the middle! ;)

    Here follows the gallery of the past banners with a brief description:


    JROBOTS 2K5: The image of the past year was a collage of some screenshots taken from Urban Tactics, a demo of my 3D engine. The game consists in a very simple third person shooter with a warrior fighting against some soldiers in an urban environment. To know more about the engine, visit the site of the APOCALYX 3D Engine at SourceForge.


    JROBOTS 2K4: In 2004 the screenshots were taken from GUN-TACTYX, that is a programming game like JROBOTS. The difference with JROBOTS is the use of a C-like language, instead of Java, and a 3D battlefield, that's why I call it "a CROBOTS-like game with QUAKE3-style graphics". The game is very complex, but if you like JROBOTS you should try GUN-TACTYX too. Visit the GUN-TACTYX Official Site for more information.


    JROBOTS 2K3: The screenshots of 2003 were taken from another demo of APOCALYX, the 3D engine the development of which I begun that year and then used to create GUN-TACTYX.


    JROBOTS 2K2: This image of 2002 shows the aspect that jrobots should have: Much better than the dots in the Java Battle Applet, but unluckily we can only imagine that shapes ;)

    JROBOTS 2000

    JROBOTS 2K1/2000: Finally, the original banner of JROBOTS in 2000. It was created by the owner of, the site that first hosted the on-line JROBOTS Challenges. His idea of a jrobots was very similar to mine... and to yours too, I think ;)

December 27th 2005

APOCALYX Screenshot The last challenge of the year shows a lot of movement among the cadets. Recently there was a renewed interest in the game and many new jrobots were uploaded. The tactics of some of them are not very effective, but only through trials and errors an author can develop a strong jrobot. However, even during this challenge another novice achieved the requested percentages to be promoted among the veterans: NeoBot.

This year the story of JROBOTS passed through a series of several events.
At the beginnign of 2005, there was the Changing of the guard!: The trend showed an estabilished block of veterans and another block of cadets that were promoted one month and demoted the next one. During the next four months, JROBOTS prepared itself for the beginning of the sixth years of tournaments with Still two/one/zero to go and the sixth years begins!. The number of played matches decreased, so in April the cadets didn't reach a sufficient number of matches to get reliable results. The side effect was that the veterans were reduced to 12: The Wonderful Dozen!.
The May challenge showed a great struggle among the strongest jrobots ever created. Only 5 survived (Tango , IonStorm, Starkle, Headhunter, Mouth) and the 7 demoted became The Seven Samurai!: They were going to take their revenge among the cadets! Needless to say that in July the challenge was called The Seven Samurai Are Back!, but strangely they didn't create too much problems to the weak cadets.
On July, finally, a new interesting jrobot appeared and achieved a triple victory. It was StrangeMatter, so the August tournament was called Strangeness Matters!, and in September it would be called The Thirteen Warrior! because StrangeMatter joined the wonderful dozen, but unluckily the September challenge never took place because of one of the crisis that periodically hits JROBOTS. In fact the server that hosted the tournaments changed its policy and the results couldn't be memorized any more, so the September tournament was skipped and the October one became the First Official Off-line challenge!: It was played off-line on my computer only by cadets.

APOCALYX Screenshot The crisis seemed to never find its end and the November challenge would be a boring Second Official Off-line challenge!, but fortunately, thanks to Frank, the provider of the great server that now manages the tournaments, it became Happy Days are Back Again! and the last tournament was called Stay Tuned for More Happy Days!. As I already said at the beginning, in the last months there was also a renewed interest in JROBOTS that brought new players. Let's see if the new year will bring further new and stronger jrobots. This is the JROBOTS' story so far.

Finally a few notes about the last challenge. Again a lot of new jrobots were uploaded when the contest was almost at the end, so they didn't reach the number of matches to have their results accepted. Among the newest only NeoBot was promoted with Leech, Touche, RauaRoobert, Stinger, ELECTRON, Yoda, NumeroOtto, Phalanx, MaudDib, Ciaky, FlameBall, Bizarro, StrangeMatter, Hellfire. Other 3 were removed instead: Neo (the little brother of NeoBot), RobotripII and Banny. So the survivors are Satellite, Shank, Sprate, Cranage, DirkGently, GiovyVbis, DarkDestroyerV04, AlessioV3, Ajax, DarkDestroyer. To end the list, there are also Jwpazz2, ZBot, Jwpazz, Jerobot, Ro1, Ro with no rating because of the low number of played matches.

The veterans' league shows a surprising result: Tango was defeated in team mode by IonStorm. It is a lucky result (for IonStorm) because it was not updated recently. Anyway the triple victories sequence of Tango was stopped again.
There are a lot of survivors among the veterans. This is surprising too because usually there are less than 17 survivors. They are: Jimbo, Berserk, 845bytes, Bosozoku, GulleFjun, Teddybear, Shrike, Mouth, KillerBees, RoboOlm, Bohan, Stately, DOOM, Headhunter, IonStorm, Starkle, Tango.
The veterans demoted are Platoon, Shark, Vampire, DarkSoldier, MarukoV4, DeadDuck, Snutteplutt, DirtyCoward, Ladybug, Dragon, Kraft, Janeway, CounterStrike.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the January 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (December 31st 2005 - January 28th 2006) aka JROBOTS 2K6!

December 24th 2005

APOCALYX Screenshot The December Challenge ends now. The official results will be available within a few days, please be patient!

Merry Christmas!

The next tournament will be the January 2006 JROBOTS Challenge (December 31st 2005 - January 28th 2006) aka JROBOTS 2K6!

December 3rd 2005

APOCALYX Screenshot

The December 2005 JROBOTS Challenge starts now.
Upload your jrobots to win the December 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (December 3rd-24th 2005) aka Stay Tuned For More Happy Days!
Remember that you can send your robots even in the course of the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.
Good luck!

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