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August 31st 2005

JROBOTS Battles Another crisis hits JROBOTS. It seems that the cgi-bin directory here at SourceForge became read-only. This means that the applets can no more write the results on the server and uploads of new jrobots are uneffective. I thought to solve the problem with the use of the chmod command on files and directories, but it does not work any more. It's strange that a CGI can't write in its folder, because such a service becomes completely unuseful with such a limitation, but that's it.
I'll try to discover if it's possible to solve the problem. If not, I could move applets and CGIs on another hosting service that support CGIs, if I'll find a good one (leaving the HTML pages here, of course).
I'm very sorry for the problem. Probably the next challenge won't start as scheduled because, as already happened in the past, this kind of crisis takes me some time to recover. So, please, wait for a further message in the news or on the mailing-list before uploading new versions of your jrobots.
I send my apologizes to the players.

August 30th 2005

JROBOTS Battles Finally a new strong competitor appeared among the veterans: StrangeMatter! With its 59%-60%-38% percentages achieved a place around the 8th position in all the categories. Not very high percentages, but its performances are regular in the three modes and better than those of long aged veterans. Its results should guarantee a long permanence in the veterans' league but... unfortunately this month the number of matches played in the cadets' league was too low and no one was promoted. This means that the competition will be very hard among the fourteen jrobots that survived: Another challenge for StrangeMatter, the thirteenth warrior (13 because the performance of Bizarro are not convincing yet).
Now let's talk about the other veterans: Tango got another triple victory with 10% more than IonStorm in all the three categories. At the same time IonStorm is the second best jrobot with 20% more than Starkle, the third best jrobots, in team mode.
The complete list of survivors is the following: GulleFjun, RoboOlm, Bizarro, Mouth, FlameBall, Bohan, StrangeMatter, KillerBees, Stately, DOOM, Headhunter, Starkle, IonStorm, Tango.
The jrobots demoted to cadets are: Shark, Touche, Platoon, Stinger, Vampire, MaudDib, Ciaky, 845bytes, MarukoV4, DirtyCoward, DeadDuck, ELECTRON.

Nothing new on the cadets' front. Because of the low number of matches played, the results are not significative. This means that no one was removed (except DLVer1 on request by its author) and no one was promoted, so the September tournament will see a total amount of 32 jrobots struggling to survive.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the September 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (September 3rd-24th 2005) aka The Thirteenth Warrior!

August 27th 2005

JROBOTS Battles The August Challenge ends now. The list of official results will be compiled in a short time. If you are impatient, the current on-line results give an idea very close to reality.

The next tournament will be the September 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (September 3rd-24th 2005)

August 6th 2005

JROBOTS Battles The August 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (August 6th-27th 2005) aka Strangeness Matters! begins now. You can upload your jrobots even after the beginning of the contest, so you are never to late.
Good luck to all the players!

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