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June 27th 2005

JROBOTS Battles The epilog of the June challenge is quite unexpected. The Seven Samurai, the long aged veterans demoted in the past challenge, didn't accomplish their task. Their effect among the weak cadets had to be catastrophic but instead only one jrobot, OneEyeW, didn't reach the requested percentages to survive. Probably this means that even seven strong jrobots are not enough to make the percentages fall below 25% for a large number of cadets. Anyway an expected effect is the following: Only the Seven Samurai succeeded in being promoted. In particular DOOM won both the single and double categories and confirmed itself as a very good jrobot.
So the results of the cadets' league are the following. Promoted jrobots: GulleFjun, RoboOlm, FlameBall, Bohan, KillerBees, Stately and DOOM. Survived jrobots: Morpheus, Leech, Touche, Ajax, Platoon, NumeroOtto, Phalanx, MaudDib and DLVer1. Removed jrobots: OneEyeW. A new uploaded jrobot, 845bytes, didn't reach the requested number of matches to be promoted. Well, I said that 845bytes is a new jrobot, but I think that in reality it is a new appearance of an old jrobot of 2002. Let's see if it is going to perform better now.

On the veterans' side, a lot of jrobots, that usually are demoted every two challenges, survived the contest. The fall of the Seven Samurai made the veterans' competition less difficult. So only Stinger, Ciaky, Shark, Vampire, MarukoV4, DirtyCoward, ELECTRON and DeadDuck were demoted, while Berserk, Kraft, Jimbo, Snutteplutt, DarkSoldier, Dragon, Shrike, Bosozoku, Janeway, CounterStrike, Bizarro, Mouth, Teddybear, Headhunter, IonStorm, Starkle and Tango (the latter performed another triple victory) will fight again in the veterans' league. Will they resist to the return of the Seven Samurai?

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the July 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (July 2nd-30th 2005) aka The Seven Samurai are Back!

June 25th 2005

JROBOTS Battles The June Challenge ends now. The list of official results will be compiled in a short time. If you are impatient, the current on-line results give an idea very close to reality.

The next tournament will be the July 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (July 2nd-30th 2005) aka The Seven Samurai are Back!

June 4th 2005

JROBOTS Battles The challenge of May brings bad news for a lot of veterans: The wonderful dozen is reduced now to five jrobots! In fact only five of the old aged veterans reached the requested percentages to survive. The current strongest jrobots in the arena are: Tango (another triple victory), IonStorm, Starkle, (very good results just after Tango) and to complete the group Headhunter and Mouth.
This means that DOOM, Stately, Bohan, KillerBees (again!), FlameBall, RoboOlm and GulleFjun suffer the shame to fall among the cadets. Anyway the next challenge is going to be a good occasion to remove some of the weakest jrobots from the arena. With seven opponents like those, from now on called the "seven samurai", a lot of jrobots, that manage to survive for only a few percents, risk to be removed.

On the cadets' side, this time a sufficient number of matches were played. A large number of jrobots were promoted: they are very lucky to leave the cadets' league when the seven samurai are arriving. To avoid the contest Rob1 and MasterKormaz2 decided to be removed already during this challenge, so only Morpheus, Leech, Touche, Phalanx, OneEyeW, Ajax, NumeroOtto, DLVer1, Platoon and MaudDib are going to face the matches.
The lucky one are: Stinger, DirtyCoward, Shark, Ciaky, Berserk, Kraft, Vampire, Snutteplutt, Jimbo, MarukoV4, DarkSoldier, ELECTRON, DeadDuck, Shrike, Bizarro, Bosozoku, Dragon, CounterStrike, Janeway and Teddybear. They will live for a month among the veterans, while a few of them, Janeway and Teddybear, possibly more.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the June 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (June 4th-25th 2005) aka The Seven Samurai!

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