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January 31st 2004


This month the number of matches played by the cadets was greater than the number played by the veterans. In fact the cadets' league played a total of 13584 matches, an unusual amount. I think this is due to the new jrobots uploaded, DLVer1 and MuadDib, but also to Teddybear and RoboOlm that now are back among the veterans. So this time we can trust the results and some of the jrobots promoted really deserve it, while other very specialized got the required percentage only in one category.

Even this month we can see 13 jrobots demoted to cadets and 13 jrobots promoted to veterans. It seems a constant of the game this kind of changing of the guard, but this demostrated that the wondeful dozen of surviving veterans is very hard to remove. We can see also that the competition was still too hard for DarkSoldier, but in change we get among the veterans the new MuadDib, directly from planet Dune. Let's see if its permanence among the veterans will be more stable even if its current results are enough to deserve a promotion only in one category.

The wonderful dozen of veterans is the following: Tango, Starkle, IonStorm, Headhunter, DOOM, Stately, Bohan, KillerBees, Mouth, GulleFjun, FlameBall and, more surprising than ever, Kraft.
Jrobots demoted are instead Stinger, Phalanx, Touche, Ciaky, ELECTRON, Shark, MarukoV4, DirtyCoward, Vampire, DeadDuck, DarkSoldier, Snutteplutt and Dragon.

The 13 cadets promoted are Morpheus, Leech, Platoon, Jimbo, Berserk, Bosozoku, Shrike, CounterStrike, Janeway and Teddybear, Robolm, MuadDib.
As usually happens are still cadets Edge, OneEyeW, MasterKormaz2, Joobot4000 and CounterStrike2 and the same happened to Ajax, NumeroOtto and the new DLVer1.
Finally, Cruel suffered the large number of matches: It didn't get the required percentages to survive and it was removed from the arena. Goodbye, Cruel!

The survey "Which should be the new class file limit?" was not successful because I received only two suggestions, so the limit remains the old one (20Kb).
Even the other survey "Have you any suggestion to make bouncing of jrobots among cadets and veterans less frequent?" was not successful and I think that for the moment is better to keep the current settings to see clearly if any jrobot is going to join the wonderful dozen.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the February 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (February 5th-26th 2005) aka Still Two to Go and the Sixth Years Begins!

January 30th 2004

JROBOTS Battles The January Challenge ends now. The official results will be available in a few days, but the on-line current results can give you an idea of the final outcome. Please, be patient.

Now you can prepare your jrobots to win the February 2005 JROBOTS Challenge (February 5th-26th 2005) aka Still Two to Go and the Sixth Year Begins!

January 8th 2004

JROBOTS Battles The January 2K5 JROBOTS Challenge (January 8th-29th 2005) starts now.

Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page. Good luck!

January 3rd 2005

The look & feel of the site has slightly changed. Please, report any problem that you may find browsing the pages. For the people who forgot the old title, here it is:


The models that you can see it the new title are taken from a simple third person shooter that I wrote for a tutorial. The game is available at "Urban Tactics" Download

Two files are needed to play, (595 Kb) and (1100 Kb). The two files must be unzipped in the same directory, then executing APOCALYX.EXE the game should start. The program (written for Win98 or higher) needs an accelerated 3D graphic card to work. Even old GeForce or Radeon with updated OpenGL drivers are supported (OpenGL 1.5.0 is recommended).

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