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November 27th 2004

JROBOTS Battles The November Challenge ends now. The official results will be available within a few days.

This time the "Watch.exe" utility can't show the final results correctly because I had to change the rate at which the matches are saved on the server because of the file corruption events. The new rate seems to have solved the problem, but also testifies that the file corruption, as I had to easily guess, is a file locking problem. Thanks to Caos who has investigated a bit on the subject, we now should have finally solved the problem. So during the next challenge the "Watch.exe" utility will work as usual.

Waiting for the final results of this month's challenge, now you can upload your jrobots to win the December 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (December 4th-25th 2004) aka JROBOTS Reloaded!

November 6th 2004

The November 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (November 6th-27th 2004) starts now.

Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page. Good luck!

November 4th 2004

JROBOTS BattlesSamuel kindly wrote this comments to this very interesting tournament. Thank you Samuel!

Congratulations to survivors! Requiem to the restů

October Challenge was as bloody as October Red Revolution. Due to Leonardo decision to forbid the entry of Cadet's fodder to Veteran's Arena the Veterans had to turn its weapons on themselves. Only three gladiators Tango, Starkle, IonStorm confirmed its dominance in all categories!

Big success was obtained by upgraded Tango, which won ALL three categories. Its 90.67% score in single category is unbelievable high. It would be easily understand if Tango where facing Cadets but not a seasoned Veterans!

Headhunter was strong as ever in Single and Double. In Team mode it has a curious habit to stay still and fight only for 9 seconds living immobilized captain of the team to its own demise soon after.

My special congratulation goes to Bohan. After many attempts it produced very good Veteran robot, which can withstand many assaults. It fights very well in Single and Double barely missing the 50% threshold in this tournament but was quite comfortable in Team mode. Job well done!

Team mode was a battle place from Hell indeed.

This time only 7 best robots managed to stay above 25% mark. Tango 61.72%, IonStorm 53.25%, Starkle 32.47%, Mouth 32.20%, Bohan 28.66% , GulleFjun 27.49% and FlameBall 25.10% !

For the last four their good performance in this category was a ticket to stay in Veterans League.

For other fine robots, formidable trio Tango, IonStorm and Starkle was too much to handle.

So, with much sorrow we see old timers KillerBees, DOOM and Stately stepping down to give hard time newcomers in Cadets Leagues. We know that Bosozoku, Bizzaro, Kraft and Jimbo are not weaklings at all and are expected to come back.

In Cadets League we see many familiar faces and robots with different skills.

Huge number of matches gives assurance that results are not random here.

The nice two new entries were very, very successful. Big warm welcome to RoboOlm (88.37% Single mode) and TeddyBear (78.10% Double mode). These are very promising new robots with good chances to be soon veterans.

All the best to All.   Samuel

Now it's me again (leo). Fortunately for DOOM and Stately Samuel's comments were based on the unofficial results that continue running after the end of the tournament because of a server problem. Those jrobots succeded to survive for a few percentage points in single mode.

To summarize, among the veterans survived: GulleFjun, FlameBall, Mouth, Bohan, DOOM, Stately, Headhunter, IonStorm, Starkle and Tango.
The veterans degraded are: Jimbo, Bosozoku, Kraft, Bizarro and (I'm almost crying) KillerBees!
I think that KillerBees will clean the cadets league from those too weak jrobots that survive month after month only for a few percentage points, but KillerBees will be back soon to the veterans' league.

The cadets removed for too much weakness are: Slayer, tiger003 and ThisInMe. Instead the following ones were promoted to veterans: Touche, DirtyCoward, Platoon, Shark, Stinger, Phalanx, Ciaky, Vampire, Snutteplutt, Berserk, MarukoV4, Dragon, ELECTRON, TeddyBear, DeadDuck, Shrike, CounterStrike, Janeway and RoboOlm. All the others remained among the cadets.

A huge number of cadets were promoted but a few of them are going to remain among the veterans. As already underlined by Samuel, good possibilities are accessible to RoboOlm and TeddyBear. The latter is the first jrobot written by a girl that I'm aware of... a real event!

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the November 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (November 6th-27th 2004) aka JROBOTS Revolution!

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