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September 29th 2004

JROBOTS BattlesThe cadets stop bouncing from one league to the other, in fact this month the number of matches in the Cadets' League is too low to accept the final results and I decided to promote no one.

Even the number of matches played by the veterans is low but acceptable and we can see unusual results favoured by the situation already outlined. IonStorm is the absolute winner in two categories (single and team) while Tango won in double mode.

The following jrobots survived among the veterans: IonStorm, Tango, Starkle, Headhunter, DOOM, Stately, Bohan, Mouth, KillerBees, Bizarro, GulleFjun, Bosozoku, FlameBall, Kraft and Jimbo.
These other jrobots were degraded instead: Morpheus, Leech, Shark, Stinger, Ciaky, Phalanx, Platoon, Touche, NumeroOtto, Dragon and DeadDuck.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the October 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (October 2nd-30th 2004) aka 2^9 Columbus Days!

September 25rd 2004

JROBOTS BattlesThe September 2004 JROBOTS Challenge ends now. The official results and the comments related to the contest will be published on wednesday, September 29th. The results are already available on-line to the Alan Lund's "Watch" utility: Prepend an "old" string to the names of the default files (robots.txt and combats.txt become oldRobots.txt and oldCombats.txt, while robotsCadets.txt and combatsCadets.txt become oldRobotsCadets.txt and oldCombatsCadets.txt)

Now you can prepare your jrobots to win the October 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (October 2nd-30th 2004) aka 2^9 Columbus Days!

September 4th 2004
  • Caos, the author of Tango (I mean the actual strongest jrobot in the arena, not the dance ;-> ), wrote these interesting Useful Tips for Beginners. I must thank him a lot because, in spite of his engagements during the last month, he found the time to list very interesting suggestions, written in a style that resembles the ancient "Sun Tzu on the Art of War". Definitely a must for every cadet who wants to improve the behavior of his jrobot, in particular for those cadets who bounce month by month from a league to the other without achieving satisfactory results (like me!).
    I put Caos' tips in the tutorials section and I hope that other successful players are going to propose further suggestions to help poor players that ran out of effective strategies.
    Thank you Caos!

  • The September 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (September 4th-25th 2004) starts now.

    Remember that you can send your robots even during the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page. Good luck!

September 1th 2004

JROBOTS BattlesFinally we got a serious number of matches played, at least in the Veterans' League. After a totale amount of 5964 matches, the best three jrobots in Single and Double Category are Tango, Starkle and IonStorm in descending order. This means that Tango confirms its value, but at the same time Starkle prove to be stronger of IonStorm even if with a small margin. In Team Category instead, the best jrobots are IonStorm and Tango, so the stop of the triple victories of Tango was not an episode and the percentage gap is convincing. The list of placements is moving, very slow but it is moving. The only new jrobots recently promoted that survived in the Veterans' League is Bizarro, but it seems that this jrobot lacks of a tactic to recognize its friends in the arena, as the results in Double and Team Category testify... a real sin!

No interesting news from the Cadets' League were the same old jrobots bounce back and forth.

In conclusion, survived among the veterans: Tango, Starkle, IonStorm, Headhunter, Stately, DOOM, Bohan, Bizarro, KillerBees, Mouth, FlameBall, Bosozoku, GulleFjun, Kraft, Jimbo.
The degraded jrobots are: Joobot4000, Ajax, Vampire, Edge, MarukoV4, Snutteplutt, ELECTRON, Berserk, DirtyCoward, Shrike, CounterStrike, Janeway.

Finally, were promoted among the cadets: DeadDuck,Drago, Ciaky, Shark, Stinger, Phalanx, NumeroOtto, Touche, Morpheus, Platoon. All the others survived in the league.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the September 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (September 4th-25th 2004) aka The Cadets Bounce!

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