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April 28th 2004

Let's Dance!As I already said in a previous news, this month there are good news: We see another triple-victory in the Veterans' League, but this time the triple winner is not IonStorm... it's Tango! This means that the placing list has finally moved and that is not an impossible task, even if very hard, to create a jrobot that performs better than long aged veterans. Well, Tango is a long aged veteran too, but the invincibility of IonStorm was a well stated fact that now is broken in an evident way.

So three jrobots enter the legend of JROBOTS: after KillerBees and the long era of IonStorm, Tango is the last one to achieve a triple-victory. Now it has to climb the high number of IonStorm's consecutive triple-victories... another hard task indeed.

If you haven't read it yet, don't miss a recent "Interview with Caos, the author of Tango" to know more about the jrobot and its author.

Unfortunately, Tango's exploit wasn't followed by a good performance of Bosozoku. The winner of the Last Samurai Prize didn't reach for a small gap the required 50% to survive among the veterans: The promising jrobot needs another turn among the cadets.

The results of the Veterans' League show the 91%-91%-63% Tango's triple-victory, but also a Starkle's second place in Single Mode at the expenses of IonStorm. The latter is a confirm of the value of Starkle that struggled with IonStorm for the first place in the March tournament.
The jrobots that remain in the Veteran's League are: FlameBall, GulleFjun, KillerBees, Mouth, DOOM, Stately, Headhunter, Tango, Starkle and IonStorm. They are the same survived jrobots of the last challenge.
The jrobots degraded are: Phalanx, MarukoV4, Berserk, Vampire, Jimbo, DirtyCoward, Snutteplutt and Bosozoku.

On the cadets side, there is plenty of new jrobots, some of them very promising. Let's see the real value of Morpheus, CounterStrike and Janeway in the Veteran's League.
The cadets promoted are: Morpheus, Leech, Touche, CounterStrike, CounterStrike2, Ajax, Shark, Platoon, NumeroOtto, Ciaky, Janeway, DeadDuck and Dragon.
Only ThisIsMe, Edge, Cruel and OneEyedW survived, while BohanShy, BohanBersek, bohan and Counter were removed for too low percentages. A comment for Counter: It seems that people find a great pleasure in uploading the jrobots of the SDK ;->
Finally, BohanRetry... was removed on request of its author, in fact he was a viction of the name-convention-bug of the upload CGI, so his Bohan (uppercase) was hidden by bohan (lowecase) and lost the occasion to reach the requested number of matches to be promoted. I'm sure that Bohan will succeed in the enterprise during the next challenge.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the May 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (May 1st-29th 2004) aka Tango is back! alias Let's Dance!

April 24th 2004

The April 2004 JROBOTS Challenge ends now! The official results will be published on wednesday, April 28th.

This month there are good and bad news. First the bad one: Another triple-victory in the Veterans' League. Now the good one: The triple winner is not IonStorm... it's Tango!

Finally after a long wait, a third jrobot enters the legend: the first one to achieve triple-victories was KillerBees, then followed the long era of IonStorm, now it's the turn of Tango. We'll discover in the next challenges if Tango is going to repeat the IonStorm's record of consecutive triple-victories. If you haven't read it yet, don't miss a recent "Interview with Caos, the author of Tango" to know more about the jrobot and its author.

The official results and more comments about the old and new jrobots in the two Leagues will appear on April 28th. As usual the results of the past challenge are already available on-line to the Alan Lund's "Watch" utility: Simply prepend an "old" string to the names of the default files (robots.txt and combats.txt become oldRobots.txt and oldCombats.txt, while robotsCadets.txt and combatsCadets.txt become oldRobotsCadets.txt and oldCombatsCadets.txt)

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the May 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (May 1st-29th 2004) aka Tango is back! alias Let's Dance!

April 3rd 2004

The April 2004 JROBOTS Challenge starts now.
Remember that you can send your robots even in the course of the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.
Good luck!

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