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March 31st 2004

    You can find news about the results of the last challenge below, but, first of all, I want to announce that the fifth years of JROBOTS challenges begins with good news:

    GUN-TACTYXThe "Release Candidate 3" of GUN-TACTYX is now available for download. GUN-TACTYX is my a CROBOTS-like game with QUAKE3-style graphics. Download the free package at the APOCALYX Engine site or visit the official GUN-TACTYX site. The game requires Win98 (or higher version) and an accelerated 3D graphic card with OpenGL drivers.
    The game, very similar to JROBOTS in the concept, now includes an interactive mode (yes, you can fight in the same team of your own programmed bots). The bots can dispute matches in Fight mode, where they shoot bullets and grenades, or in Soccer mode, where they must kick a ball in the enemies' goal area.
    Try the game and send any suggestions to Thank you in advance!


    You can find the complete results of the March contest at the Contests Page.

    Bosozoku!Finally the Last Samurai has got a name: Bosozoku! This is the official announce by Samuel, the mecenate of the JROBOTS players:

    "The official winner of The Last Samurai competition is Lari Lampen. Congratulations!
    His robot Bosozoku won with 10% margin over the rest of contenders in Single mode. Therefore he has won $30 CDN.

    Thank you Lari for your great cadet and thank you Samuel for making these interesting competitions possible.
    Now Bosozoku has to show its value against the strongest Veterans' League even seen. A suggestion to its author is simply to implement better algorithms for Double and Team mode, for example some lines to distinguish enemies and friends. It's a sin to see so low percentages in that categories, when the potential of his jrobot is to give a 10% margin to the old, but still powerful among cadets, Jimbo.

    The results of the Veterans' League show a struggle among the first 3 jrobots. In Single mode IonStorn and Starkle fight for the first position: the final percentages say that the winner is IonStorm, but I think we should consider the real result a draw, in fact their relative distance corresponds only to 1 victory! In Double IonStorm got a more convincing victory, but Starkle achieved a better placing than Tango. Finally, in Team mode, IonStorm won again with the 70% of victories and then follows Tango with almost a 50%.
    The jrobots that remain in the Veteran's League are: FlameBall, GulleFjun, KillerBees, Mouth, DOOM, Stately, Headhunter, Tango, Starkle and IonStorm.
    The jrobots degraded are: Leech, Shark, Ajax, NumeroOtto, Ciaky, Touche, Dragon, DeadDuck and bohan.

    On the cadets side, Bosozoku's great result apart, there are no other interesting news. The jrobots promoted are: DirtyCoward, Phalanx, Vampire, MarukoV4, Snutteplutt, Berserk, Jimbo and Bosozoku.
    The only jrobot removed from the arena is Bane, while Edge, ThisIsMe, Cruel, OneEyeW and Platoon reach the minimum requirements to survive.

    Now you can upload your jrobots to win the April 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (April 3rd-24th 2004) aka Veterans meet Last Samurai! alias The Fifth Year Begins!

    March 27th 2004

    Last Samurai!The March 2004 JROBOTS Challenge ends now! As usual the official results are going to be published on wednesday, March 31st. If you followed the partial results of the contest, it's already clear that finally the Last Samurai has got a name: Bosozoku! I'll wait for an official confirm from Samuel, the owner of the prizes assigned to JROBOTS players, but Bosozoku's result in Single Mode seems to accomplish all the rules. It's a sin that Bosozoku is strong only in Singles, but I'm sure that its author is going to upgrade it to achieve good results in the Veterans' League too.

    As I've already announced, the official results and more comments will appear on March 31st. As usual the results of the past challenge are already available on-line to the Alan Lund's "Watch" utility: Simply prepend an "old" string to the names of the default files (robots.txt and combats.txt become oldRobots.txt and oldCombats.txt, while robotsCadets.txt and combatsCadets.txt become oldRobotsCadets.txt and oldCombatsCadets.txt)

    Now you can upgrade your jrobots to win the April 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (April 3rd-24th 2004) aka Veterans meet Last Samurai! alias The Fifth Year Begins!

    March 6th 2004

    The March 2004 JROBOTS Challenge starts now.
    Remember that you can send your robots even in the course of the challenge, so you're never too late. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Veterans' Battle Applet page or the Cadets' Battle Applet page.

    Remember also that Samuel funds a prize to pure novices who are going to win the Single category of the CADETS' League. The prize assigned for this month is:
    MARCH prize aka "Last Samurai: The Return!" for new CADETS' League players
    The new winner of the Single Mode will receive freshly printed Canadian dollars banknotes for a total amount of 30$.

    Good luck!

    March 3rd 2004

    The February tournament does not show very different results from the past. We must register another triple victory of IonStorm, another triple second place of Tango and a double third place of Starkle. The main difference is that FlameBall achieved a good third place in Team Mode replacing Starkle: FlameBall gained a promotion during the last challenge and it demostrates all its value now, at least in Team Mode.
    This events apart, Headhunter, DOOM, Stately, KillerBees, Mouth and GulleFjun remained in the Veteran's League and confirmed the main cast of characters for the next challenge.
    Some jrobots, promoted during the last challenge, were degraded again: Jimbo, Snutteplutt, Berserk, MarukoV4, Vampire, DirtyCoward, Phalanx and Platoon.

    On the novices side, there are no relevant results. The low number of matches moved a little the placing list, but only NumeroOtto and Ajax were never promoted to veteran yet. I don't think they'll succeed in remaining there because they are too weak for the strong competitors of that league, but their authors could upload new surprising versions.
    Ajax and NumeroOtto apart, the other promoted jrobots are: bohan, DeadDuck, Dragon, Ciaky, Shark, Touche and Leech.
    Only ThisIsMe, Edge, Cruel and OneEyedW survived in the Cadets' League, while NumeroSette, Tusker and MichaelJackson were removed. The last two were the only new jrobots of this tournament. MichaelJackson was removed only because it was uploaded too late and it could not play any match. I think that if its author will upload it again during the next tournament, we can consider it as a "pure novice" that can compete for the prizes.

    Last Samurai!The prize that is going to be assigned this month is the
    March 2004 prize aka "Last Samurai: The Return" for new CADETS' League players
    The new winner of the Single Category will receive freshly printed Canadian dollars banknotes for a total amount of 30$. Good luck!

    Now you can upload your jrobots to win the March 2004 JROBOTS Challenge (March 6th-27th 2004) aka Last Samurai: The Return!

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