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September 27th 2003

The results of the September 2003 JROBOTS Challenge are available on the Challanges Page.

Finally we have got two new Veterans: They are DOOM and Starkle. These two bots were promoted during the last month tournament from Cadets to Veterans and now they succeeded in surviving the strong competition of old aged Veterans. They both reached the requested percentages in all the three categories so they prove them very versatile even if not as strong as IonStorm, Tango, Headhunter and Mouth in specific categories. In particular DOOM beat KillerBees: Not a simple task! All the other promoted bots fell again to the Cadets' League. In particular bohan was degraded only for a few lacking percentage points.

IonStorm break the consecutive triple victories record of KillerBees. Its percentages can't be compared to those of the other bots: An alien coming from another planet! Tango, Headhunter, Mouth and KillerBees still hold their positions. They are waiting for new bots, but only Jimbo, MarukoV4 and Vampire were promoted this month. The next tournament awards newcomers with prizes (thanks to Samuel), so I think that within two months new cannon fodder will be available to increase the Veterans' percentages ;-)

Promotions apart, semtex1 and Rabbit were removed from the arena because they didn't reach the requested percentages. While Ciaky, RoboTard and Leech are still there to act as sparring partners of new bots.
A question: Why does people continue to upload Rabbit? I can't find an answer!

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the October 2003 JROBOTS Challenge (October 4th-25th 2003) aka Lonely Ranger!

Remember that the new winner of the Single Mode will receive freshly printed new 5 and 10 dollars CND banknotes. Read past news for more details.

September 23rd 2003

JROBOTS PrizesGREAT NEWS! The September 2003 JROBOTS Challenge demonstrates that is still possible to create strong jrobots and thanks to Samuel (aka a1rex2003) THE NEXT TOURNAMENT WILL ASSIGN PRIZES TO NEW PLAYERS. Send any question to the mailing-list is you want more information but don't miss this possibility: To play JROBOTS is not so difficult, only a bit of Java programming skills are needed and you must compete only against newcomers to win the prizes.

Here follows the original Samuel's prizes proposal:

"I am very impressed by JROBOTS competition and all efforts made to make JROBOTS challenge so successful!

As a small token of appreciation and in order to encourage new submissions to the JROBOTS arena I decided to fund some symbolic prizes for winners in the CADETS' category.

The prizes are as follows for new submissions for new players:

  • OCTOBER prize aka "Lonely Ranger" for new CADETS' League players
    The new winner of the Single Mode will receive freshly printed new 5 and 10 dollars CND banknotes.

  • NOVEMBER prize aka "Double Duet" for new CADETS' League players
    Double Mode winner will receive freshly printed new 20 CND banknote.

  • DECEMBER prize aka "A Magnificent eight" for new CADETS' League players
    Team Mode winner will receive a freshly printed new 10 and 20 dollars CND banknotes.
    (CND=Canadian Dollar)


  1. Prizes are for brand new players and their new submissions. (All old inactive players who do not have their robots in current arenas are very welcome!)
  2. The winner has to honor current JRobot rules of fair competition especially honor other players rights to their code and efforts - no code reverse engineering please!!!
  3. A player CAN exploit (and is wellcome to do so) any unknown loophole like "supersonic speed" and so on, providing that the loophole/bug will be disclosed at the end of challenge - this encourage improvements of the existing JROBOTS code.
  4. The prizes will be mailed directly to the winner.
  5. Players do not adhering to the rules will not be considered in award process - in case of any dispute the decision of the jury is final.

(The set of rules are not written in stone and any suggestion from old, new and future players are very welcome).

All the best,


The organizer of the prize is Samuel and you can contact him on the mailing-list. Thank you very much Samuel for your initiative!

September 6th 2003

The September 2003 JROBOTS Challenge starts now. Remember that you can send your robots even in the course of the challenge. To read the results in real-time simply visit the Battle Applet page.
A few (very little) changes were made to the code of the JROBOTS simulator. If you want the updated version, visit the Downloads page.
Good luck!

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