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JROBOTS FOREVER Challenge (from January 6th 2010)
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January 6th 2010

APOCALYX Screenshot The JROBOTS FOREVER Challenge starts now! Good luck!


JROBOTS (jay-robots) is a clone of an old game called CROBOTS. Some bots fight in an arena, firing missiles and avoiding enemies' projectiles. At the end only one will survive! This game is involving, but it is not interactive: you must develop the AI algorithms of your own bot using the Java language, then you upload it in the arena and follow online its fights against other bots.

Does this game really work?
It's simpler to see than believe, so visit the page of the VETERANS' BATTLE ARENA.

How can you play?
It's simpler to do than explain, so Download the JROBOTS SDK or Read the On-Line Documentation.

You'll definitely love this game! Why?
For an answer read the Interviews with the Players.

Are you a novice? Do you want to begin with the right step?
For useful tips read the Tutorials section.


December 26th 2009

APOCALYX Screenshot The fourth-quarter Challenge of 2009 (2K9Q4) is going to introduce a revolution: The JROBOTS FOREVER Challenge. After a decade on monthly challenges, the next tournament is going to last FOREVER. Only periodic maintenance, removing hill behaved jrobots or too weak jrobots, is going to be performed.
Now the results of the last old-style challenge:
The demoted veterans are: Bohan, KillJoy, Mouth, Stately, Tinker, DOOM, HellFire.
The survivors are: Multiple (6-5-8), Starkle (5-6-6), IonStorm (4-3-4), StrangeMatter (3-2-3), Spike (2-4-1), Tango (1-1-2).
For what regards the Cadets, to prepare for the FOREVER challenge, the jrobots that didn't reach the requested percentages to survive in at least two categories were removed. They are: Bubuleja and the JB series.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the JROBOTS FOREVER Challenge (from January 6th 2010) aka JROBOTS FOREVER!

October 3rd 2009

APOCALYX Screenshot

In the third-quarter Challenge of 2009 (2K9Q3) the cadets played very few matches, so their results are unreliable.
Instead, the struggle between the Veterans shows interesting results:
The demoted veterans are: DarkSoldier, Jimbo, 854bytes, GulleFjun, Errata, Bosozoku, Janeway, Butterfly, FlameBall, RoboOlm, Teddybear, KillerBees. We can see that the old aged KillerBees is going to fight against the poor cadets again.
The survivors are: Mouth (DT), Tinker (D), KillJoy (D), Bohan (DT), HellFire (ST), Stately (ST), DOOM (788), Multiple (6-5-14), IonStorm (534), StrangeMatter (423), Starkle (345), Spike (262), Tango (111). A small maniple of new robots achieved the requested percentage to survive in at least one category. In particular, Multiple has got very interesting percentages of success in all the categories, but there are still margins of improvements in team category.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the October-December 2009 JROBOTS Challenge (October 3rd-December 26th 2009) aka JROBOTS 2K9 Q4!

July 4th 2009

APOCALYX Screenshot

Finally, in the second-quarter Challenge of 2009 (2K9Q2), we have enough played matches among the cadets, so some of them will struggle again to survive in the Cadets' League.
The results of the fight among the restricted number of veterans (only six) show only the demotion of TTL, while Tango (1-1-2), Spike(2-6-1), Starkle(3-4-4), StrangeMatter (4-2-3) and IonStorm (6-3-5) are waiting for the 21 promoted cadets.
The promoted cadets are: DarkSoldier, 845bytes, Jimbo (single and double), RoboOlm (single and team), Janeway, Earthworm, Bosozoku (single and double), GulleFjun, Teddybear, Mouth, Butterfly, HellFire, Tinker, Bohan, KillJoy, KillerBees, Stately, DOOM and the new Multiple (single, double and team).
The survivors are: Genuine, Touche, Shark, Ender, AronsRobot01, RoboScape, Nemesis, S, DeathIncarnate, AronsRobot02, Vampire, Berserk, DeadDuck, MarukoV4, RatBot, EvilElmo, Yoda, Shrike, Snutteplutt, Ladubug, Hal9000, Dragon, Grappelli, DirtyCoward, Singularity, Bizarro, CounterStrike, Headhunter.
The jrobots removed for their poor performances are: SuperRabbit, AntiBot, GenuineA.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the July-September 2009 JROBOTS Challenge (July 4th-September 26th 2009) aka JROBOTS 2K9 Q3!

April 4th 2009

APOCALYX Screenshot

The first-quarter Challenge of 2009 (2K9Q1) made a great selection between the veterans. Only six of them survived and will fight one against the others for the next three months: TTL (6-5-6), Starkle (5-4-5), IonStorm (4-3-4), StrangeMatter (3-2-3), Spike (2-6-1) and Tango (1-1-2). All the others were demoted to cadets: GulleFjun, KillJoy, Mouth, Bohan, Tinker, KillerBees, Stately, HellFire, DOOM, Headhunter. They are going to have fun among the cadets, but also some of them will fail to be promoted again.
Among the cadets nothing interesting happened because the matches played were too few to be considered significative.

Now you can upload your jrobots to win the April-June 2009 JROBOTS Challenge (April 4th-June 27th 2009) aka JROBOTS 2K9 Q2!

March 28th 2009

APOCALYX Screenshot The January-March Challenge ends now! The official results will be available on Saturday, April 4th 2009, please be patient!
The next tournament will be the April-June 2009 JROBOTS Challenge (April 4th-June 27th 2009) aka JROBOTS 2K9 Q2!

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